Create Governance Request

The createRequest function sends a governance request to Egoras Microfinance protocol for EGR holders to either approve or decline.
function createRequest(uint _requestType, uint _changeTo, string calldata _reason, bool _withdrawEGR) external;
  • _requestType: The request type ranges from 0 to 2, 0 is for increasing/decreasing loan interest while 1 is to increase/decrease the amount needed to create a request, 2 is for requesting withdrawal of EGR/NGNC.
  • _changeTo: A dynamic parameter depending on the kind of request you want to create, request type 0 is the loan interest increase/decrease e.g 1.8*100=180 while 1 and 2 are amount in Wei.
  • _reason: The reason for creating the request.
  • _withdrawEGR: Only accounts for request type 2 (True/False).


CEGORAS egoras = CEGORAS(0x7a24C....);
require(egoras.createRequest("0" , "180" , "The fees is ..." , "True/False"), "unable to create request");

Web 3

const instance = await new web3.eth.Contract(abi, address)
await instance.methods.createRequest("0" , "180" , "The fees is ..." , "True/False").send({from: 0xMyAccount});