Governance Vote

The governance Vote function consists of the request ID,requestType, the vote Power and the _accept(true/false). The functions also send an approval /declinal governance request to the protocol.
function governanceVote(uint _requestType, uint _requestID, uint _votePower, bool _accept) external;
  • _accept: Egoras token holders vote either in approval "True" or declining "False" of the governance request.
  • _requestID: The unique identifier of every governance request emitted from Egoras Microfinance protocol
  • _votePower: The amount of Egoras token locked during the governance process.
  • _requestType: The request type ranges from 0 to 2, 0 is for increasing/decreasing loan interest while 1 is to increase/decrease the amount needed to create a request, 2 is for requesting withdrawal of EGR/NGNC.


CEGORAS egoras = CEGORAS(0x7a24C....);
require(egoras.governanceVote(“0”,"180", "60 in wei", "True/False"), "unable to vote company");

Web 3

const instance = await new web3.eth.Contract(abi, address)
await instance.methods.governanceVote(“0”,"180", "60 in wei", "True/False").send({from: 0xMyAccount});