Loan Application

The Loan application underlying function converts the loan application request into a unique identifier. The function consists of the amount of the borrower intends to borrow from the protocol, the title of the loans, the duration of the loan and the loan cover image URL.
function applyForLoan(
uint _amount,
string calldata _title,
uint _length,
string calldata _image_url
) external;
  • _amount: The funds the borrower intends to borrow through Egoraslending partners.
  • _tittle: A name that describes the loan.
  • _length: The duration /time frame of which the debt must be repaid.
  • _image_url: The Imgur link of which the loan cover photo is hosted.


CEGORAS egoras = CEGORAS(0x7a24C....);
require(egoras.applyForLoan(“700 in wei”,"Loan for a house", "180 days" , ""), "unable to applyForLoan");

Web 3

const instance = await new web3.eth.Contract(abi, address)
await instance.methods.applyForLoan(“700 in wei”,"Loan for a house", "180 days" , "").send({from: 0xMyAccount});